Young & Restless Episode – Friday August 4, 2017

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About the Episode:
At Brash & Sassy, Victoria update to Billy that he has plans so she wouldn’t be working tonight.Hochman came up and Billy got updates from Hochman that’s she had a date with Hochman.Hochman gets a call go outside to attend while Billy and Victoria discuss.Hochman came up and move on with Vicotria from Office.
At the pool, Sharon joins Nick.Sharon thinks that as Scott is very close to Victor that’s why he dislike Scott.They were discussing sex ring as Scott came.A waiter informs to Nick that his name is not listed in the member list and then Nick came to know that Now he has no signing privileges to Newman account.Scott attends call from of Victor and Update his about Nick situation
Victoria and Hochman reached pool and sit face to face on a table.Victoria tells him about what going on in her company and then she tells her about herself.Victoria lost in her throughts for a while and asked Hochman that they should leave now.In a suit, Victoria throws back red wine.She jumps on him and kisses him like hungrily..

About the Show:

The Young and Restless, also know as Y&R was created for CBS by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell.It includes in American television Soap Opera.Its Live broadcasting was started on March 26, 1973.Before 1980 this was broadcasting half hours per day and five times in a week but on Feb 4, 1980 it was expanded to One Hour Episode.This Show is wealthy Brooks family and the working class Foster family.


In 1973 A soap opera “Where the Heart Is” was canceled and The Young and Restless was replaced with it.Bell was head writer of the Show from beginning till 1988.Bell wrote from his home Chicago while production was in Los Angeles.Bell was willing to shoot the series in New York but due to New York an expensive place CBS felt Los Angeles an affordable place for shooting. John Conboy was the First Producer of the show till 1982.After John Conboy, Bell and H. Wesley were the co-executive producers until Edward Scot came in 1989 and Bell become the senior executive producer.

Bell’s family moved to Los Angeles to create new Soap Opera.Bell was having three children at that time.William Jr., Bradley, and Lauralee Bell.Lauralee Bell started working as an actor in The Young and Restless.Bradley becomes co-created of Bold and Beautiful with his father. William Bell Jr. become president of Bell Dramatic Serial Co. and Bell-Phillip Television Productions Inc which was Bell’s family production companies.

In 1998, William J. Bell’s was retired in 1988 and so many head writers took this position.Kay Alden, Trent Jones, John F. Smith, Lynn Marie Latham, Scott Hamner, Josh Griffith, Maria Arena Bell, and Hogan Sheffer were hired for this position.

Jill Farren Phelps, who was executive producer of General Hospital, was replaced Bell. Griffith from the executive producer of soap.In 2013 it was highlighted by several online places that Griffith had resigned as head-writer of the serial.In September 2013, announced was made that Passanante and Altman are the new head writers of the series.Thomson was promoted to co-head writer.
Charles Pratt, Jr., later on, become the new head writer of the show in 2012 who was working as the head writer on All My Children, General Hospital and Santa Barbara.Pratt also gets the position of Pratt. On June 2016 it was announced on Serial Scoop that Pratt is retired from his position but his replacement was not announced.Mal Young was announced as Pratt’s replacement.Pratt’s work as executive producer till 12 July 2016 and Mal Young take this position on 13 July 2016.On September 13, 2016, it was announced that Pratt was named as executive producer and show-runner of Lee Daniels’ Star but on September 15, 2016, Sussman was named as the soap’s new head writer.

On September 21, 2016, Alden was re-hired after ten years of leaving soap, to be a story consultant under Sussman’s regime.On June 20, 2017, renew of the series was announced by CBS.In July 2017, Alden and Sussman would be retired from their position and Young would be the Sussman’s successor.Young’s is expected to get the position in October 2017.

Since it debut. The Young and Restless has won Nine Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series and right now it’s the highest rating daytime Drama on American Television.In 2008 it was noted as Top rated Daram in the Nielsen ratings.In 2013 this was noted as Leading Drama from 25 years on American television.The Young and Restless was renewed for 3 years in June 2017.