Young & Restless Recap – Friday June 23, 2017

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Young and Restless June 23 2016 Recap:

In Dina’s suite, Graham arrived at Dina, said Good Morning, Dina Reply to him.Graham asked if she talks to the lawyer, Dine replied Yes she had a lovely conversation and wish all lawyer would be charming as he is.Graham asked if he(lawyer) is sending the Document and handing the other matters – her will.
Topic moves towards Jack and Ashley.Graham said Jack wanted to connect with you.Graham said he just hate how this effects to you.Dina croons that Jack just doesn’t understand.Graham warns her as longer they stay there, more her children will try to convince her to move in.Dinna asked him to print the documents so she can sign her including her will.

Dina just finishes signing, Ashley arrives.Graham was surprised to come to know that Nikki call her and he didn’t know about this.Ashley came in, Graham tells her that those are financial documents, Graham took the documents and leave. Dina tells her that she loves to have Graham around her.Topic moves towards Jack, and Ashley mentions Jack’s point of view about move in.Dinna mention her that she is a great mother.Topic moves towards Graham and Dinna mention Graham is not gonna take advantage of her and she ensure her loyalty.Ashley asks her what if he have someone else and he leaves her.Dina says he won’t as they have a deal.

In the Club Spa, Nikki look at her shaking hand, she enters the sauna, there she flashes to Victor’s voice saying she is nothing without him.The flashback ends and Gloria arrives.They talk about there respective relationship with Jack.Topic moves towards Graham.Nikki laughs and move on.

At Jabot, Jack leaves a message for her to call him.Ashley hears that and reminds to Jack “She does have a husband”.Jack is worried by Nikki as he is practicing non-stop for up coming charity event.Jack grouses Nikki’s husband (Victor) don’t have a clue what going on with Nikki.conversation moves towards Graham.Jack declares he will not let Graham take advantage of Dinna but Ashley argued its Dinna’s choice about how she lives her life with Graham.Ashley mentions him if he didn’t accept the fact that Graham is an important part of her life then Dinna is gonna interpreting you.At the end, they Hug and Ashley get a call from Dinna, and Ashley confirmed her that she will be there.

Nick enters the ranch and calls out, “Mom?”.Victor tells him she is not Home and taunts Nick that he can’t avoid him forever.Victor asks him is he expecting congratulation for his successful work in Luzyana.Nick told Victor that he had no idea what he had done with them in past.Nick argued that he should expect some responsibilities about Adams death and ask Victor if he expects to forgive him and forgive until it happens again.Victor claim to Victor that as he claimed himself, son of this family, then he should help him to end hostilities for his mother’s sake and to help him to heal the family.Nick claim to Victor he is pressure Nikki to participate in charity concern but Victor argued that he didn’t force Nikki but she loves to play music and the evidence is when she performs in the club.Victor insists him that when his mother will finish his performing and listen to the cheers then she will realize, he’s the only one can give her what she needs.Victor declares is he continues to criticize him then he didn’t need him.Victor request to Nick the bring Faith in the concern and came to know that he can’t be there as she has gone to summer camp for a month.Victor asks is Faith is in the Camp to keep her away from him but Nick declares that she actually wanna go there.The topic then moved towards Adam’s resumes as Scott arrive and Say Hi.Victor and Scott start working and Nick came to know about what Hashtag company.Scott expresses his thoughts.Nick exit.Vic admits to Scott that his relationship with his son isn’t great right now and then leaves to check on the venue.

Nick goes to Sharon’s place and complaint to Sharon that his dad is trying to control everyone and everything.Nick tell her that his father wants Faith at the concert.Topic moved towards Nikki and her preparations for the concert.Scott knocked and entered.Nick says to Scott that when he sees him at his dad place, he was thinking that your meeting with dad will be very long and important. Sharon cut the conversation and change the topic and tell Scott that she and Nick were discussing the concert.Scott tells them that Victor asks him to make arrangement for concern and both of them share there thoughts about the concert and Scott declare, its his (Nick) family, Kiss Sharon and leave.

At park cafe, Nikki was waiting for Jack.Jack arrived and say Hello.Nikki confides she is terrified about the concert as she stays at home every mint and just practice.Jack asked her if she is consulting with the doctor as she is getting much stress.Nikki assures him that he get steroids for the pain and swelling.Jack suggest her to postpone the concert but Nikki said no she can’t but there are just some tunes which she gonna play.Jack declares he knows what is going on with her, Victor may not see that or care he does.She insists him he will go through it and she is not going to let her confidence away from her as Victor think he still has the power to make a big decision.She convinced this concert is a way of trying to find a true part of her again.Nikki again gets pain.They hug and She leaves.Victor appears and asks what the hell Jack thinks he’s doing with his wife!