Young & Restless Recap – Friday June 30, 2017

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Young and Restless June 30, 2016 Recap:

At Brash & Sassy, Michael is upset because they were fighting against Juliet but suddenly she decided to settle. Victoria declares that they know Cane didn’t have sex with Juliet and he didn’t sexually harass her but they didn’t have any proof.Victoria Update him that Cane now had no choice to lie as Juliet is pregnant now.Michael grimaces – Wow. His poor family.”. Michael suggests before he calls Lessli they should talk numbers and Vikki is hopping from Juliet to sign non-disclosure agreement.Michael compliments her calm, but she’s raging inside.

At Home, comeCcomes in.He starts the conversation with Lilly and asks if she is Okey.She updates, her father was here.He announced Victoria is settling the case.He asks Lilly if he still has a marriage.Cane cajoles that he never meant to cheat on her.Lilly says she acknowledges that he cheated with her in the past but what he did this time was worst and every time he was telling lie and trying to cover him – she always stands up for him and defend him from people that her husband can’t do this and then she finds the truth in the worst possible way – in public.Cane accepts his mistake, he said he will do whatever she wants.He wants to know from Lilly how he can make amends. Lilly declares it’s not only about her as they have a family she reminds him it affects when Mattie and Charlie will come to know what did there dad had done.They were argumenting when Mattie and Charlie arrive.Lilly and Cane update twins about the lawsuit and update them that Victoria and setting this up.Mattie wonders what they are not happier.They reassure the teens that everything will be fine soon.Mattie still worries if they gonna kick out of her job but Lilly reassure her that work is fine – just pull this out of her mind and relax.

At the Club, Vic leaves a message for Nikki to call him back.Tessa appears.Vic updates her that Nikki left a note and speak a sentence from the letter that Nikki says “She needs to clear her head”, Vic ask if she ever talks about this with her.Tessa read Nikki’s note and excuse Vic that he can’t help him.Vic requests her to perform in concert and Tessa accepted.Tessa leave.

At Jabot, Jack jumps up Dina she changed her will to leave everything for Graham, Dina correct she is not giving everything to Graham but a bulk of her estate.Jack snarks that Graham must be good at what he does.Graham elects to step out.Dina declares she knows what she is doing, her will represents her final wishes – you better respect them (Jack).Ashley feels Dina is making inappropriate choices but Dina insist she knows what she is giving to Graham and she know what Graham has given up a lot to be with her.Dina notes that Graham will be by her side until she no longer needs him, or anyone.Jack ensure to Dina that they didn’t want money from them and Ashley suggests to Dina that she is been taken advantage of, Dina ensure it can’t be possible as she knows exactly what she is doing.Dina clear it – I made this decision so live with it.
Graham was waiting outside.Gloria came and ask Graham is she is waiting for Jack, so she can ping him.Graham reply no Jack knows it.Gloria asks for help about Computer from Graham.They get closer.Dina appears and Graham being professional.

At the bar, Juliet and Hilary were talking about pregnancy and Devon was behind them listing to them.Juliet gets a call from Lessli and move on.Hilary moves towards her suite and calls Devon with her.Hilary asks if or if not Cane if is the father of Juliet baby but where it seemed to relief from Lawsuit.Devon declares he didn’t care about the case he is only worried about Lilly.Hilary insists when its so easy to proof then why would Juliet lie.Devon recalls all the damages Cane made and asks Hilary to keep it off the air if she cares about him at all.Devon exit.

Hilary was watching the recording of Juliet and Cane.Juliet arrives and excitedly update to her that Victoria settled with her – her money problem is solved.She Thanks, Hilary.