Young & Restless Recap – Monday June 26, 2017

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Young and Restless June 26 2016 Recap:

At park cafe, Jack bumps into the Victor.Jack says she asks me to meet her.Victor declares him to stay away from her wife declares but Jack argued no, no one can as the is his friend now.Victor suggests: she is using you.Jack try to insist him that Nikki is under stress now as she is not a professional musician and this concert can prove harmfull to Nikki but Victor reply she is perfectly capable of handling this, She is strong, healthy and eager to perform.Jack suggest him to cancel the concert as it can trust most supportive action.Victor bumps into Jack as how the hell he thinks that he will tell him how to handle his wife as he had heard her playing music and she plays beautiful.At the End Victor said it might be possible and he is the cause of stress, he said him to stay away from her wife and Victor walks off.

Devon joins Tessa in the Club where she was waiting him.He gave her contract files to sign.She was so excited to work in the real studio.She was about to sign that Mariah rushes and ask her if she wants to sign her full life to him and ask her if she had read the contract because he could have a big group of lawyers.Mariah declares to Devon that she is not gonna let him get the advantage of her friend.Tessa cut the conversation and appreciate Mariah that she cares about her but she trusts Devon but came to know that Mariah was just kidding.Devon layout his plan about Tessa and it sounds good for her.Everyone expresses his thoughts.Tessa signs the contract.They were decided to have fun meanwhile Devon get a message from Lilly and say GoodBye to Tessa and Mariah.

Tessa and Mariah reached Sharon’s place.They were watching a movie as Sharon arrived.Sharon asks them the reason for celebrating as they were having an expensive bottle of Shampion.Mariah gives Good NEWS to Sharon that Tessa had signed a contract with Devon.They chat about Nikki.Mariah mention that Devon just believes on Tessa’s talent and Tessa replied that she just don’t wanna let him down.

At home, Cane was getting ready to go for jogging.Lilly came up.Cane starts the conversation with her and they start argumenting about that Night in Tokyo.She wonders what else he is hiding from her.Cane tries to insist her that he didn’t ask Juliet to have sex in to get Job.Cane assures her that he loved his family.Cane hesitate to kiss Lilly but he kiss and move on.
Later on, Davon arrives, Lilly tells him that she thinks Cane didn’t sexually harass Juliet.Davon rise question why did Juliet was fired.Lilly answers that there were some behind the scene footage that Aired on Hillary Show.Juliet job was to justify them but she didn’t and was fired.On this Juliet was get Angry and wanted to get revenge.Devon wonders if Cane might have had sex with Juliet.Lilly express her feeling about Cane that He makes her laugh, She feels safe with her and He makes her feel Love and she knows that he will never ever hurt her. She concludes that he didn’t have sex with Juliet.

Cane comes back while Devon was about to leave.Lilly moves on.Devon warns Cane that if he been lying about what happened then there will be a serious problem.Devon left.

At Sharon place, Nick complaining her about Victor that he is pushing the family into the concert.Nick said he hats playing this happy family.She accuses him of deflecting. When he rejects that, she shows him the door.Nick caves and explains the family is freezing Victor out again for breaking Adam out of prison. He swears her to secrecy and decides to tell Chelsea everything.

In the penthouse, Chelsea watches out from Window and leave a message for Nick to call her ASAP.
Chelsea in the Victor office and they have a business conversation.They also talk about branding.Victor said to Chelsea that she is good for his son and he is happy to have her in his family.

Victor reached home and find a note from Nikki saying she is going for few days to clear his mind.

Nick meets Chelsea at her place.He promises that he will protect her and he doesn’t want her to lose anything else as she had already lost so much in past.He said He loved her and his family.They Kissed.