Young & Restless Recap – Thursday June 22, 2017

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Young and Restless June 22 2016 Recap:

At the park cafe, Phyllis Update Nick that an Employee had claimed, she is sexually harassed.Nick was thinking that to be Billy but surprise to know that’s Cane, not Billy.Phyllis says whether or not Cane does that or not but everyone is surprised around him.Nick claimed he can’t ever imagine that Cane can ever use his position to have Employee sex.Phyllis said she only want it to wrap up as soon as possible so all of us can move on.

In Michael Office, Lilly talks to Cane in an angry mood and said he lies with her all the time from the moment he landed in Tokyo.Lilly asked Cane to tell her exactly what happened in the hotel room.He admits that he had never told her anything about that but he wakeup alone.Leslie leaves Michael and talks to Juliet separately.Leslie suggests Juliet to go to the hotel and take rest and tell her that case is in her hand and now its much stronger now. Vikki argued with Victoria and Michael that why did they are defending Cane because he lies with Michael, Victoria and even with his beloved wife Lilly and they even have no idea what there next bombshell gonna be. While Victoria declares that Footage didn’t prove everything, in Footage it proved she was in the Hotel room and leave that hotel room but that didn’t prove that she was sexually harassed. Michael honestly said today was damaging day and that footage had made the case harder to win but he also agreed with Victoria that Footage didn’t prove that she (Juliet) was sexually harassed. Victoria said she wanted to talk to came and They will call Michael once they make a decision and leave office.Vikki follows her.

At Home, Cane started the conversation on Lilly’s ongoing silence.She said he (Cane) deceived her, Michael and especially Victoria who have his back all the time and he lie to Victoria’s face and to her(Lilly) face.Cane insists he didn’t betray her and he is ashamed on that lie.Lilly also said they held the information and took the right time to show it and Lilly was wandering show much of Juliet’s story can be true.Cane keep trying to insisting Lilly that he is not lying and he is not Guilty.Cane gets a call from Victoria and she calls him. Cane move on.

At Brash & Sassy, Victora reminds Cane that she asks him to talk him everything about that night in Tokyo and also remind him to share anything and she will understand but he didn’t.She said Juliet know how to save her and he downplays the game.Victoria gave him another chance, to tell the truth, but this time she declares it should be Hundred percent truth.Vitoria said she didn’t care if he had sex with Juliet or but she wants him to sware he is innocent.
Cane sware that he didn’t her as Juliet.Victoria claimed how he should be sure because he was drunk and may have Stupitness.Victoria agreed with her not going to give up and gonna fight this all the way.

In Jack Office, Dina said the Graham is her good friend and show her and her blood family.while Jack complains Graham is taking advantage of you and your age and he will be expecting something in return.Jack clear he didn’t want anyone to take advantage of you.Dina claimed she is not a lonely old woman and she knows what her relationships are with Graham.Jack argued why she didn’t relay on him only but Dine argued back that Graham was with her when she was alone.According to Dine Graham always proved himself by never let her down but Jack Cleared he doesn’t trust Graham.Dine wonder is this is about Money or about his (Jack) inheritance. Jack keeps insisting on believing on him as he also never let her down and he doesn’t wanna lose her – she is the only mother he has.Graham entered in office.Jack shows that he need Dina to sign more paperwork. Dine and Graham moved on. Jack call someone for an urgent meeting.

At the Club, Graham and Dina argued about Jack concern.She declares Jack wanted her to stay at home with Ashley.Graham confirm they both know its not Fine but Jack wants her more time and attention and he gets upset when she didn’t give to time and attention to her.
Jack came up in