Young & Restless Recap – Tuesday June 27, 2017

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Young and Restless June 27 2016 Recap:

In the Jabot parking, Jill came back for her three-month check up.Billy was surprised to see her with her changed Look.Jill asked him how is he and how is Victoria.Phyllis emerges from Billy’s car and it was a strange moment for Jill and she asks Billy to confirm her that she Pickup Phyllis from the gutter.Phyllis and Billy start kissing Jill grimaces. Phyllis says welcome back to Jill and says she is looking and sounding so healthy.Phyllis moves on.Billy updates Jill that He and Phyllis are back together, they live together, Victoria knows and fine with it.He hopes for Jill one day she will also be fine with it.Billy walks off.

At Brash & Sassy, Jill declares as everything was so good between you and Victoria and you both were getting closer.She was expecting Weeding announcement on coming back.Billy explains her everything that he had tried alot for Victoria but she likes me as a co-worker nothing more than that.Victoria arrives.Jill and Victoria hug.Jill asks why everyone’s acting like they’re at a funeral.Billy updates Jill that there is a new female employee who claims that Cane sexually harasses her.Jill laughs and says suddenly, of course, she is lying.
Jill was trying to learn about Cane lawsuit.She confirmed this lawsuit is a shameless cash grab.She asked Victoria if she not gonna ask her opinion about this matter, the opinion of a business lady to another business lady.Victoria asks for her opinion.Jill advice her to solve this matter ASAP.Victoia updates her that Cane didn’t have to prove that He didn’t sexually harass and even didn’t have proof that he didn’t have sex with Juliet.Jill argued as Cane was Drunk, a married man out of the country on business, Jury will not belive.Victoria declares this matter have to look her company a very week, its a game of will power and she is not gonna let this happened.Jill grins – she sounds like Victor.

In the Culb, Victoria gets a call from her dad about Nikki been gone.

At the penthouse, Nick and Chelsea exchange good morning kisses.Chelsea gave him a cup of coffee with a heart on that.There love conversation session was interrupted by Victoria’s call of having a meetup.Chelsea leaves for a business meeting as Vikki arrives.Vikki updated Nick that Nikki is gone and God knows where as Victor also don’t know where she is.

At home, Colin wants to help Cane.Cane wonder about how long will this matter takes.Colin pressure Cane to know all the facts and what the truth is about Juliet lawsuit.Cane tells everything to Colin and night in the Hotel room in Tokyo and how this matter let to the sexual harassment lawsuit when she was fired.Conversation keeps going.