Young & Restless Recap – Wednesday June 21, 2017:


Young and Restless June 21, 2017, Recap:

In Michael’s Office, Leslie asks for a short break and Juliet left Michael’s Office.Leslie comes back and continue.Michel Asked from Leslie “Who you like to speak Firstly” and Leslie choose Lilly while she was not a witness but Leslie shows A letter of Lilly as a witness.
Leslie Stated with Lilly: Leslie started by Asking questions like did she trust Juliet and did Juliet ever tells a lie witYoung and Restless June 21 2017 Recap at Michael Office Tuboorh and confirmed to Lilly that Juliet is trusted for her.Then Leslie asked some question about Deal which was held in Tokyo and Lilly Came to know that Cane hides some important truths about that meeting.Michael deposes Juliet: Michael talks with Juliet about her financial situation of past when she came to Tokyo.
Juliet declares that she start the conversation about Division Manger with Cane and Cane replied Victoria is Boss and he will talk to her or put Juliet interview with Boss (Victoria).Comming up at Tokyo when that incident happened, Juliet declares, Cane ask to have fun that night and they will discuss about job late on.They went to bar, have fun and then Juliet then left Cane in Hotel Room while he was fully drunk.Juliet then describe Cane pull her on the bed in hotel room and she tried to pull herself away in that situation and also describe that Cane insists her if she wants any help in getting Job, she had to sex with her, while Juliet declares she really wanted that Job.Michael argued as both were Fully drunk and Cane even can’t stand then how could he can declare about she had to sleep with her to get the Job.Michael then asked Juliet to describe morning after that night. Juliet declares that Cane comes for BreakFast and return air ring of Juliet which she found on the bed.
Leslie deposes Cane: Leslie asked from Cane as he was drunk then how did he reach to hotel room and Cane describe that Juliet helped me.From Cane words, Leslie asked for a point “Did you (Cane) wanna say you and Juliet Never had sex in Tokyo” before Cane answer Leslie rollout the Hotel footage of that Night about how Juliet help Cane to reached the Hotal room and left in the morning at 7:13 AM.
At Newman, Abby notes she hadn’t seen Nikki is she okey.Victor wonders why sheYoung and Restless June 21 2017 Recap at Victor Office Tuboor wouldn’t be okey.He said Nikki is busy in practicing for the concern.Victor Thanks to Abby for selling Tickets.Abby shares about Incubator project and his Dating App.Victor suggests to get help of Scott and use his expertise for other start-ups.Abby argued that she can handle it but Victor insist that You both are working together as its good for business.Victor jealous if Abby is jealous for Scott and Victor insist her her about Scott.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon introduces Zack about her.They talk about Dating App and share with Zack that she had seen Teesa with him.Sharon asked from Zack that what makes Your App different from Young and Restless June 21 2017 Recap at Barother Dating Sites/Apps and Zack share some awesome features of his App and Offer Sharon one Month premium access and gave her his business card.Sharon rejected his business card by saying she won’t require a dating site anytime soon as she is already dating a Nice guy.Sharon asked Zack for another Cup of coffee and asked if she can ask some Questions by App.Zack said he is busy and get a Call.He moves to take a Call. He was on Call while Abby came there and they moved from there.Scott comes up and greets Sharon with a Kiss.They talk about Abby’s business Partner Zack. Sharon thinks she is suspicions and he is hiding something.Sharon tells him that Zack told her, he and (Zack) and Abby’s are just good friends.but Sharon this there is something else so she intends Scott to investigate his connection to Tessa.Zack and Abby talk about test dates where these dates are real or not.Abby declares to Zack that she didn’t wanna mess his personal life with his business life.Abby invites Zack to be with her Family on her third test date but he Declines at first but accepts late on when he came to know she only wanna let my family know about you.

In Club, Scott came and said sorry for being late.Scott Update to Lauren that Victor put her incharge of new digital media company.Scott tells her that he has so many good ideas about his work and he also shares some of his ideas.
Tessa entered and Nikki was on the floor.Tessa put out his phone from his pocket to call 911 but Nikki stoped her.Nikki’s doctor came and checkup Nikki.Nikki came to know its because of stress and doctor recommends her to take it easy and not to take stress.Nikki tells her the reason for not calling ambulance and why she didn’t like it.Tessa and Nikki talk about her performance but she argued that she is not canceling performance because she had not more option and she is healthy enough.Nikki said she is not gonna talk about this anymore and nothing can stop her performing.Tessa suggests to tell Victor about this but Nikki asked her to Victor should never come to know about this and ask Tessa to promise with her to not tell Victor.Nikki starts playing.Victor enters and show a poster of concern and asked to see her impression.Tessa gets a call and moved.Victor asked Nikki to play that for him and plays.